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If only the sails could talk…

Our mission is to create new handbags and home decor for you, your home and your boat out of recycled sailcloth. Each one of our products involves sailcloth that has previously sailed somewhere in the world and possibly all the way around it. We do our best to incorporate the unique features of each sail into the bags like the reefing lines, grommets and the Sailmakers signature.  All of our patterns and designs are original and unique and you will never see the exact same bag anywhere else in the world.

The sailcloth goes through an extensive cleaning process to achieve its brightest white while being mindful of the environment. Some bags have a small marking or blemish that is non-removable but almost unnoticeable which gives character to the bags they find.

Please feel free to browse and shop around our online store and if there is a question or idea that you would like to share, please contact us either by email or by filling out the form on our contact page. I look forward to long lasting friendships and helping fellow recycled sail lovers in any way possible.